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About Consolidated Energy Design, Inc.

In the year 2000 Rey Montalvo, President of Consolidated Energy Design, Inc. (CED), recognized the need for a Fully Automated Demand Response/Reduction System requiring NO human intervention, to help stabilize “Power Grids” in the USA and internationally, improving their reliability, while at the same time-saving end-users significant money on their energy bills. It was not called Smart Grid Technology at the time, but rather, Price Sensitive Load Management.

Mr. Montalvo commenced R&D activities and on October 8, 2008, filed for a US Provisional Patent for such a system which he ultimately called FADRS (pronounced faders), this Fully Automated Demand Response and Reduction System was filed for patent review on October 8, 2009, and achieved full patent status in late 2013 (Essential FADRS) followed by two additional patents in 2015 for Smart Micro-Grid Technology (FADRS Near Net Zero and FADRS Net Zero) and in 2019 for IoT “Mini BAS” Edge Control technology (FADRS GIZMO).

Sophisticated Technology Driven By Automation

FADRS is a highly advanced and robust group of integrated software programs that work in conjunction with sophisticated commercially available Building Automation Systems (BAS). FADRS is licensed to end-users in modules depending on the client’s needs. FADRS utilizes Self-Healing Artificial Intelligence and Network technology, so it behaves more like a “highly advanced human controlling machine,” to save significant money on energy, while at the same time minimizing human discomfort.

Over 4 Decades of Experience

Using the 41 years of experience offered by CED, and their intimate understanding of the equipment controlled by FADRS, the software/hardware combination was successfully commercialized in August 2009 at the world headquarters of a 100,000-square-foot commercial building in central New Jersey.

For a detailed Case Study on this project, visit the NJ Green Manual / Rutgers Center for GreenBuilding.

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