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About Consolidated Energy Design, Inc.

In the year 2000 Rey Montalvo, President of Consolidated Energy Design, Inc. (CED), recognized the need for a Fully Automated Demand Response/Reduction System requiring NO human intervention, to help stabilize “Power Grids” in the USA and internationally, improving their reliability, while at the same time-saving end-users significant money on their energy bills. It was not called Smart Grid Technology at the time, but rather, Price Sensitive Load Management.

Mr. Montalvo commenced R&D activities and on October 8, 2008, filed for a US Provisional Patent for such a system which he ultimately called FADRS® (pronounced faders), this Fully Automated Demand Response and Reduction System was filed for patent review on October 8, 2009, and achieved full patent status in late 2013 (Essential FADRS®) followed by two additional patents in 2015 for Smart Micro-Grid Technology (FADRS® Near Net Zero and FADRS® Net Zero) and in 2019 for IoT “Mini BAS” Edge Control technology (FADRS® GIZMO).

Sophisticated Technology Driven By Automation

FADRS® is a highly advanced and robust group of integrated software programs that work in conjunction with sophisticated commercially available Building Automation Systems (BAS). FADRS® is licensed to end-users in modules depending on the client’s needs. FADRS® utilizes Self-Healing Artificial Intelligence and Network technology, so it behaves more like a “highly advanced human controlling machine,” to save significant money on energy, while at the same time minimizing human discomfort.

Over 4 Decades of Experience

Using the 41 years of experience offered by CED, and their intimate understanding of the equipment controlled by FADRS®, the software/hardware combination was successfully commercialized in August 2009 at the world headquarters of a 100,000-square-foot commercial building in central New Jersey.

For a detailed Case Study on this project, visit the NJ Green Manual / Rutgers Center for GreenBuilding.

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