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About Consolidated Energy Design, Inc. (CED)

Our FADRS® system is designed to deliver significant monetary savings, maximized demand response revenues, fully automate demand response participation, provide a major reduction in energy use, maintain occupant comfort levels, help with power grid reliability and stability, reduce carbon footprint, and provide global environmental benefits.


2010 – “Innovation of the Year award” from U.S. Green Building Council – New Jersey Chapter
2010 – “Minority Energy Company of the Year” from U.S. Department of Commerce Northeast Region
2013 – Patent Award for FADRS Smart Grid Technology (US 8,412,654 B2)
2015 – Patent Award for FADRS Smart Micro Grid Technology (US 9,002,761 B2)
2015 – “Most Novel Demand Response & Advanced Building Automation System” from Maryland Energy Admin)2017 – “Electric Innovation Challenge Winner” by the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA). This was featured inan article by Crain’s New York.
2017 – “Most Disruptive Energy Technology” by the prestigious NJ Tech Council… Now TechUnited (“The Mid-Atlantic Next Tech Showcase” held at Bell Works…formerly Bell Labs).
2019 – Patent Award for FADRS for IOT “Macro BAS Edge Technology” (US 10,523,449 B2)2019 – Awarded $400,000 from Maryland Energy Administration towards a FADRS Smart Micro Grid Technology Near Net Zero Project
2020 – Awarded a $3.7 million contract for FADRS Smart Micro Grid Technology Near Net Zero Project (Office complex in Hanover, MD) Largest PACE award for Near Net Zero project by Maryland C-PACE.
2022 – Awarded FADRS Smart Micro Grid Technology Demonstration Pilot for Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (Building 14: Administration Building; JFK International Airport) Partnering with New York Power Authority.
2022 – Obtained MBE & SBE certifications from NY State, NJ, NMSDC, PANYNJ, NYC SBS and others.

Core Competencies

  • Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)
  • HVAC Design & PM Services
  • Solar PV & Thermal
  • Smart Microgrid Technology
  • ESG (Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance)
  • Developer of Net Zero Energy Buildings


  • FADRS can save 15% – 30% of a facility’s annual energy usage wherever installed. Typical control systems only reduce 5%.
  • FADRS reduces 30% – 50% of Peak KW Demand while keeping building occupants comfortable. Typical controls only reduce 10% and make building occupants uncomfortable.
  • BOTTOM LINE: Because FADRS AI-based technology is “disruptive”, we are able to achieve 50% energy savings with just FADRS controls and a deep LED lighting retrofit. This allows us to only have to achieve an additional 30% energy savings using much smaller capacity solar PV, advanced energy storage batteries, distributed generation, and/or tri-generation. This leaves a balance due by the client for utilities of just 20%. We offset that 20% with the significant arbitrage we collect on behalf of our client from the power grid. The result is a Net Zero Building.

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