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Over 50 Years of Experience in the Energy Sector

The FADRS® Disruptive REVolution® Team has decades of experience in performance contracting including, Energy Studies and Master Energy Plans, Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) engineering design, installation, service, and monitoring for all types of HVAC, Cogeneration, Trigeneration, Distributed Generation, lighting and plug load systems and therefore intimately understands how best to optimize energy performance, while at the same time NOT controlling said equipment in such a way so as to cause premature failure, which can place the client at risk from the standpoint of comfort and productivity, thereby negating any energy savings gains.

Our intimate knowledge and experience with these systems is the “secret” behind the unprecedented performance of our patented Fully Automated Demand Response/Reduction Systems (FADRS®) for Smart Grid and Smart Micro-Grid applications:

  • FADRS® Smart Grid (Essential FADRS®)
  • FADRS® Smart Micro-Grid (FADRS® Near Net Zero and FADRS® Net Zero)
  • FADRS® IoT Mini BAS (Building Automation System) Edge Control Technology (FADRS® GIZMO)

We know first-hand how to squeeze out the maximum energy savings and significantly improve performance from these systems while at the same time keeping the building occupants comfortable and enabling them to focus on their core business…not the energy business. This is what FADRS® Artificial Intelligence, Prediction, and Human-Centric technology are all about.

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