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NYC is serious about not wasting energy and polluting the air.  That’s why they passed Local Law 97 which goes into effect in May 2025 (That’s just 1.5 years from now).  Any building larger than 25,000 square feet is in their “crosshairs”.

For example, if you own a building that is 100,000 square feet and you don’t meet their new stringent energy savings and carbon reduction guidelines, NYC will fine you:

$50,000 per month for energy waste

$2,300 per month for excess carbon emissions

That’s almost $628,000 per year in fines in ADDITION to your already high energy bills of approximately $275,000 bringing your new total annual cost to $903,000 if you are not in compliance.  This is not an option!  The penalty for a false report is $500,000 and up to 30 days of imprisonment.

Consolidated Energy Design’s patented and time-tested technology can save you 30%-40% in energy costs (about $100,000) and avoid all fines reducing your annual costs to just $175,000 instead of potential costs of $903,000. We utilize a state-approved funding program which results in no upfront cost to you.

Call us today to set up an appointment so we can show you how we can help.

For more information regarding law 97 click the link below.


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