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Our Solution to Today’s Energy Problems

The old methods and procedures are no longer effective in the rapidly changing energy environment. What is needed is a disruptive solution designed to address energy usage, costs, and impact on the environment.

There are several significant issues causing today’s power problems:

  • Total U.S. electricity consumption in 2020 was about 3.8 trillion kWh and 13 times greater than electricity use in 1950. (Source – U.S. Energy Information Administration)
  • High electric Demand = Power Supply Issues
  • Demand for renewable energy is driving the costs even higher
  • Current energy costs are ~19% of total building overhead (Source – National Grid)
  • Solutions are complex.

The Answer to All These Needs is FADRS

FADRS™ is a dynamic self-healing Smart Grid Technology robust hardware/software solution implementing Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) and prediction software to allow FULLY Automatic bidirectional participation in PJM Demand Response  (“DR”) Programs (Summer and Winter Capacity, Synchronous Reserves, and Real-Time Economic) as well as Frequency Regulation.

Our patented FADRS™ software is “cloud-based”. It is also “edge-based” (programming logic resides at the job site in the event there is a loss of internet connection).

With FADRS™ at its core, Smart Grid Technology is a holistic real-time energy solution that incorporates multiple advanced and conventional technologies working in concert such that the needs of a facility and the power grid to which it is connected are each addressed, satisfied, reliable and stable. Our software seamlessly integrates all power generation technologies installed at a facility or campus to ensure a harmonious sync relationship of all sources and controls used to achieve the most cost-effective blend of resources to meet the client’s energy needs.

Although FADRS™ requires NO human intervention, the building management and in some instances the occupants can make changes if they so desire. The fact that it is Human Centric means human comfort is always a high priority. Our system responds in one (1) second through the client’s Building Automation System (BAS) to meet the grid and facility requirements with the following results:

  • FADRS™ throttles energy usage to reduce annual energy costs by 15% – 25% (the national average is only 5%).
    RESULT: Reduce your overhead costs associated with energy from ~19% to ~8% which Increases your company’s bottom line.
  • FADRS™ generates Power Grid Incentives by reducing 30% – 50% KW Demand during a DR event – (the national average is only 10%).
  • Human-Centric (Artificial Intelligence provides maximum DR while keeping building occupants comfortable).

FADRS is Designed to Deliver the Following Benefits

Significant Monetary Savings
Annual energy costs savings of 15% to 25% (3 to 5 times greater than the national average).

Maximized DR Revenues
A fully Automated immediate response to grid demands allows you to participate in more events.

Major Reduction in Energy Use
Our system continuously learns and reduces demand 24/7.

Maintain Occupant Comfort Levels
Building occupants are not negatively affected by the system response to grid reduction demands.

Help with Power Grid Reliability and Stability
By participating in the grid DR and Frequency Regulation programs our software helps to maintain grid stability.

Significantly Reduce Carbon Footprint
In a typical commercial building of about 100,000 sq ft, carbon reduction can reach 1,000 metric tons annually.

Global Environmental Benefits
Reduced power demands from the grid and reduce carbon emissions.

Utilizes Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations wherever possible to reduce emissions and energy costs while at the same time generating additional power grid incentives
There is also the added benefit of a second income stream from the building owners for vehicle recharging.

Provides 100% Business Continuity
In the event of a Cyber Attack or Grid Failure (Due to a significant weather event or act of terrorism).

Can achieve Near Net ZERO or ZERO Energy Cost to facility/campus
With the overall reduction in usage and monetary incentives from participation in DR and Frequency Regulation programs.

Increased property value and Occupancy Rates
With the addition of Low Carbon Distributed Generation, Solar PV, Advanced Battery Storage, and EV charging stations, your property will increase substantially in value and become extremely attractive to prospective tenants who will consider these and lower energy costs as “perks”.

C-PACE legislation
Allows building improvements that result in energy and water savings to be funded by private capital and repaid via a long-term property tax assessment.

  • Zero out-of-pocket cost to the building owner
  • No personal guarantee required
  • Off-balance sheet funding (does not negatively impact build owner’s borrowing power)
  • Significantly increases the value of the property
  • In most cases the landlord generates a positive cash flow from day one for a period of 20 years.

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