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NAI Emory Hill Real Estate Group
10010 Junction Dr, Annapolis Junction, MD


FADRS® (pronounced faders)
Smart Grid Technology Showcase utilizing patented Artificial Intelligence, Prediction & Human Centric Technology.


Consolidated Energy Design (Patent Holders)
Third Party BAS Contractor (Installation)

Funding Agency

Maryland Energy Administration (MEA)
Grant 2015-05-517S5

“Novel Demand Response & Advanced Energy Management System”


  • 2 Story Tenant Occupied Office Building; 108,000 square feet
  • 5 Major Roof Top Package Cooling Units with 83 VAV boxes with 2 stage electric heat
  • Typical Building Automation System (BAS) for space heating/cooling.

Post Conditions

CONTROLS ONLY – No New HVAC Equipment or Lighting Retrofit

  • FADRS Painless Demand Response®
  • FADRS Enhanced Building Automation System
  • ~5 Power Quality Sub Meters (1 for each Roof Top Unit) + KYZ Pulse meter

ALL FADRS® programming either overlaid on top of existing BAS or reporting to existing BAS.

FULLY AUTOMATED control (No Human Intervention). Bidirectional control in real time.

Completion Date

FADRS Enhanced Building Automation System Performance:
March 2016 (HVAC Energy Savings from April 2016 onward)

Year Three Normalized Baseline (NBL) for HVAC = 2,399,715 KWh ($267,048)
AI Achieved Maximum HVAC Energy Savings by end of Year 3
887,120 KWh ($ 99,005) 37%

FADRS Painless Demand Response® Performance:
(8/2/18 Summer Capacity Test)
163 KW down to 102 KW (61.1 KW Reduced) = 37.4%DR Reduction

IPKeys is the Curtailment Service Provider for this project and their PJM formula Calculations are found on the downloadable PDF button below.


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