Robust IoT “Mini Building Automation” Edge Control System

The FADRS®GIZMO (Scheduled for launch in the 2nd Quarter 2023) is going to be a FULLY AUTOMATED stand-alone controller complete with all the IP of the other three FADRS systems. FADRS GIZMO is designed for the 30 million strong Small to Medium Business (SMB) USA market that represents 80% of the USA economy. It is essentially a miniaturized version of our Essential FADRS Smart Micro-Grid Technology system and will offer the SMB a very affordable and simple to install wireless fully automated and robust Building Automation System (BAS) for the first time in history.

This will help SMBs compete on a level playing field against very large companies and increase their net profits by reducing their energy overhead from the national average of 19% down to 8% (11% savings)…  By “very affordable” we mean a patented IoT “Mini BAS” Edge Control system that is only 10% to 20% of the cost of a similar system for large buildings.  Each HVAC system and its associated lighting and plug loads will be controlled by one (1) FADRS® GIZMO with its own cellular and GPS connection (there could be many FADRS® GIZMOs on a particular project depending on how many HVAC systems need to be controlled.).

Efficiency Through Automation

Each FADRS® GIZMO will communicate INSIDE THE CONDITIONED SPACE with wireless indoor space temperature, Relative Humidity, Occupancy, Lumen level, and CO2 sensors for apartments, motels, hotels, restaurants, box stores as well as College/University/Corporate and Health Care campuses.

Based on the information provided by these wireless devices, each FADRS® GIZMO will either turn on space cooling or space heating to 1. Reduce energy consumption in the areas they control by 15% – 25% annually 2. Provide the end-user with an automated data analytics and fault detection system to alert them whenever a piece of equipment is either not saving energy, is in the process of failure, or has failed. 3. Participate in FADRS® Painless Demand Response® for additional income from the grid.

Each FADRS® GIZMO will communicate WITH THE OUTSIDE WORLD using a cellular modem and will make its location known via GPS. Said modem will provide the FADRS® GIZMO with the ability to receive utility or power grid signals and to advise it of upcoming Demand Response events (It will also allow the FADRS® GIZMO to receive software updates, interrogation, and special signaling) in “real-time”. The FADRS® GIZMO will also use its cellular modem to transmit Measurement & Verification signals to various sources such as the utility company, power grid, customer portal, and/or CED Network Operations Center (NOC).

Inside the FADRS® GIZMO is a computer processor that acts as “the brain” of the controller and uses Artificial Intelligence, Prediction Technology, and Human-Centric Technology.

Since FADRS GIZMO is an edge control system, if there is a cellular communication outage, the FADRS® GIZMO will have sufficient memory to store data and release it when cellular communication is re-established all the while completing its energy-related tasks while keeping people in the space comfortable.

Using the customer portal, authorized parties such as utilities, power grid, customers, and Consolidated Energy Design, Inc. personnel will be able to view and download reports.

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