FADRS® Net Zero

The Best ROI for Both You and the Environment

FADRS® Net Zero is our highest level of performance. In this approach, the amount of Solar PV contribution is increased to further reduce the energy requirements of the building/facility resulting in average energy cost savings of 95% – 99%. Although we add more Solar PV with our FADRS® Net Zero solution, our energy savings is so disruptive (significantly greater energy savings) that we are able to achieve this greater performance with approximately 80% less Solar PV than would typically be required by others.

  • Highest Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions
  • Largest Energy Reduction
  • Tenant Empowerment
  • Flex Space
  • 100% Business Continuity
  • Greater number of EV Charging Stations under Solar PV Canopies
  • Minimal increase of Solar PV collectors
  • Fully Automated Painless Demand Response for additional payments from the Power Grid
  • Fully Automated Frequency Regulation for additional payments from the Power Grid

FADRS® Net Zero Sample Spreadsheet

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