FADRS Net Zero

The Best ROI for Both You and the Environment

FADRS Net Zero is our highest level of performance. In this approach, the amount of Solar PV contribution is increased to further reduce the energy requirements of the building/facility resulting in average energy cost savings of 95% – 99%. Although we add more Solar PV with our FADRS™ Net Zero solution, our energy savings is so disruptive (significantly greater energy savings) that we are able to achieve this greater performance with approximately 80% less Solar PV than would typically be required by others.

  • Highest Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions
  • Largest Energy Reduction
  • Tenant Empowerment
  • Flex Space
  • 100% Business Continuity
  • Greater number of EV Charging Stations under Solar PV Canopies
  • Minimal increase of Solar PV collectors
  • Fully Automated Painless Demand Response for additional payments from the Power Grid
  • Fully Automated Frequency Regulation for additional payments from the Power Grid

FADRS™ Net Zero Sample Spreadsheet

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