Gy Drake

Advanced Controls Systems Specialist

After spending over 8 years in the United States Navy – Nuclear Power Program – Electrical Operator/Load Dispatcher, Leading Petty Officer (E-6), and Plank Owner of the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71), Gy joined Honeywell Inc. in 1989 – 10 years of Fire & Security, & HVAC Applications Technician/Engineer then Project Manager, he moved on to various entrepreneurial endeavors from Minnesota, Illinois, Kansas City and now Wichita, Kansas the ‘Air Capital of the World’.

Gy was involved in many Temperature & Lighting Control Retrofits, and Process Monitoring projects of various sizes. The biggest was a $5.6M energy retrofit that produced ~50% energy savings in the first and succeeding years. Gy was an early adopter to the Tridium Niagara Family (1999), Charter/Founding Member of LynxSpring Inc. and Quail Creek Consulting Inc. in the field of Energy Management using Systems Integration of multiple vendors, best of the breed.

Leaning on his Naval & Honeywell training Gy moved from designing, programming, & project management of various construction projects to consulting engineering firms, starting Systems Integration ventures, and building teams that have continued to be growing concerns in this market today.

Wichita State University – Majored in Journalism and toured the world looking for stories to tell. Business Management, Honeywell and JCI HVAC Controls, Technical Writing as well as Historical Fiction for Young Adults. Currently consulting innovative energy management strategies while Owning and Operating Drake Family Publishing, LLC. Certified: NICT (Fire Control), Niagara R2, AX & N4, various other Honeywell & JCI Programming tools along with Project and Business Management.