William Carhart

Chief Operating Officer of Consolidated Energy Design, Inc.

For more than 35 years, Bill has provided strategic and tactical planning for the core functions of operations, distribution, and IT implementation for multi-million-dollar organizations. Prior to a company becoming successful monetarily, it is imperative the corporate infrastructure is sound, and the employees are prepared for growth and acceleration. This involves a synergy of the company’s mission statement and ethics with a critical view of current practices that often involve a modernization or re-organization. Below is a summary of Bill’s expertise:

  • Develops and/or turns around emerging entities into profitable enterprises by re-thinking operations management procedures: distribution locations, customer service roles, IT policies, and sales practices.
  • Evolves business models to maintain relevance: move from a production enterprise to a design company.
  • Designs and executes the integrated processes that drive a supply chain system that meets and exceeds customer needs.
  • Responds clearly and persuasively in positive or difficult situations, demonstrating group presentation skills and conducting productive meetings.
  • Establishes metrics to identify critical warehouse distribution issues (i.e., raw materials, write-offs, discontinued items), SKU management, channel, and package mix, operating expense, and cost-to-serve.
  • Cascades critical knowledge to all senior-level staff and throughout the company to affect team building.