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Consulting and Implementation Services for Smart Micro Grid Technology

In response to end user demand for lower electric prices, the electrical industry is going through a “revolution” that will fundamentally change the way electricity is generated, distributed, stored, used and paid for.

In order to achieve a high level of success, these NEW energy goals cannot be accomplished using tired, OLD Solutions. NEW Solutions are required and these will “disrupt” the way things have been done in the past…in a good way!

FADRS® patented Smart Grid and Smart Micro Grid technology is at the forefront of this Disruptive REVolution®.

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Consolidated Energy Design, Inc.

President & CEO

CED Wins Prestigious 2023 Thomas Edison Patent Award for ENERGY

CED, along with its President, CEO, and inventor, Rey Montalvo, were recognized with the 2023 Thomas Edison Patent Award for ENERGY at Liberty Science Center on 11/15/2023 for their innovative FADRS® patented technology. Learn more about our accolades, here.

Our Family of Products

FADRS® Energy Saving Solutions

Consolidated Energy Design, Inc. can optimize your commercial building space to reduce energy consumption through automation and the newest technologies available. Check out our full lineup of FADRS® products and solutions.

FADRS - Smart Micro Grid Technology

Essential FADRS®

Average Savings of 20%-40% of total energy costs.

FADRS - Smart Micro Grid Technology

FADRS® Near Net Zero

Average Savings of 40%-50% of total energy costs.

FADRS - Smart Micro Grid Technology

FADRS® Net Zero

Average Savings of 60%-100% of total energy costs.

FADRS - Smart Micro Grid Technology

FADRS® Gizmo

A fully automated and robust Building Automation System (BAS).

Current Energy Usage Statistics In the United States

* Statistics from U.S. Energy Information Administration


Electricity in the US generated by the use of three fuels: coal, natural gas, and nuclear.


Electricity used in the United States is generated by fossil fuels alone.


Electricity generated in the United States currently comes from renewable resources.

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We help people just like you who are looking to save money on their energy bills and reduce consumption in a smart and innovative way by utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other technologies available to optimize your commercial space. Check out some of our latest projects and how we have helped others reduce their energy costs.


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