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We can optimize your commercial building space to reduce energy consumption through automation and the newest technologies available. Check out our full lineup of FADRS® patented products and energy saving solutions.

FADRS - Smart Micro Grid Technology

Essential FADRS®

Essential FADRS® provides robust HVAC controls and DEEP lighting and plug load retrofits and saves the landlord on average 20% – 40% of their total annual energy costs.

FADRS - Smart Micro Grid Technology

FADRS® Near Net Zero

Building on Essential FADRS®, this solution adds a Solar PV Canopy with EV chargers underneath, a distributed generator, and an advanced battery storage solution.

FADRS - Smart Micro Grid Technology

FADRS® Net Zero

FADRS® Net Zero is our highest level of performance. The amount of Solar PV contribution is increased to further reduce the energy requirements of the building/facility resulting in average energy cost savings of 60% – 100%.

FADRS - Smart Micro Grid Technology


A miniaturized version of our FADRS® Smart Micro-Grid Technology system that features a “stand-alone” controller designed for SMBs that will be an affordable, fully automated, and robust Building Automation System (BAS) for the first time in history.

What is FADRS®?

FADRS® is a dynamic self-healing Smart Grid Technology robust hardware/software solution implementing Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) and prediction software to allow FULLY Automatic bidirectional participation in PJM Demand Response (“DR”) Programs (Summer and Winter Capacity, Synchronous Reserves, and Real-Time Economic) as well as Frequency Regulation.

Why Tenants Should Lease Space in
Buildings Utilizing FADRS®

Where previously Real Estate was a landlord’s market, events have changed, and we are currently in a Tenant’s market. Landlords must now compete for tenants by offering perks while at the same time having facilities that are responsive to tenants’ new demands. Depending upon which FADRS® product you choose these perks include:

Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions

Many companies and organizations today have clearly defined greenhouse gas and carbon emissions policies. By using the FADRS® technology the average 100,000 square foot facility will reduce its carbon emission by 460 to 1,036 metric tons annually, thereby allowing the tenant to significantly contribute to their organization’s long-term environmental goals.

Tenant Empowerment

FADRS® also supplies the option (when made available by the landlord) to allow the tenants to control their environment. (They can adjust the temperature, and lighting, and even set up their service tickets).

100% Business Continuity

In buildings equipped with FADRS® as well as Distributed Generators and Batteries, the facilities are fully resilient and always available 24/7/365 even if the Grid is experiencing problems or is completely unavailable or down.

Energy Reduction

Depending on the geographical location of the building, it is not unusual for tenants to pay $2.50-$3.50 per sq ft for energy alone. FADRS® can permit a landlord to reduce this charge to $0.50-$1.25 per sq ft. (this 65% – 80% energy savings PER SQUARE FOOT of leased space is a huge “perk” for tenants).

Flex Space

Today’s tenants may want a “hybrid” work environment. This could result in tenants leasing less office space or choosing to rent additional space for short periods when needed. FADRS® can “throttle” energy use throughout the building as needed thus requiring less energy use.

EV Charging Stations Under Solar PV Canopies

Finally, as the use of electric vehicles continues to increase in huge numbers, the availability of on-site EV charging stations is a big convenience for the tenants and a potential income stream for the landlord.

Over 50 Years of Experience in the Energy Sector

The FADRS® Disruptive REVolution® Team has decades of experience in performance contracting including, Energy Studies and Master Energy Plans, Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) engineering design, installation, service, and monitoring for all types of HVAC, Cogeneration, Trigeneration, Distributed Generation, lighting and plug load systems and therefore intimately understands how best to optimize energy performance, while at the same time NOT controlling said equipment in such a way so as to cause premature failure, which can place the client at risk from the standpoint of comfort and productivity, thereby negating any energy savings gains.


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